About Us

About Us

It started as a small-scale fundraiser for a local CF stair climb by a group of people who love Emily and are desperate for a CF cure.

It didn’t take long to realize that traditional fundraising efforts could only go so far. To really make an impact, it takes a community of people with a common goal. That’s where Emily’s Entourage comes in.

Emily’s Entourage is made up of people who have had enough of this deadly disease. Join our team as we take a stand against CF. Together, we can make a difference.

Why donate to Emily’s Entourage?

Emily’s life has been about achieving excellence while skillfully managing the significant obstacles presented by CF. Emily throws her heart and soul into everything she does. From her dedication to excelling professionally to her passion for school, impeccable management of CF and unparalleled devotion to the people she loves, Emily doesn’t do anything halfheartedly.

Emily’s commitment to living fully, squeezing the most out of even the simplest things and relentlessly pursuing new knowledge and experiences is especially remarkable given the medical obstacles she faces. Each and every single day.Join Emily’s Entourage to celebrate Emily – her fervor for life, her perseverance, her accomplishments and her courageous tenacity against CF.

Help us show Emily that she has a world of love, support and admiration behind her. Honor Emily by becoming part of Emily’s Entourage.